Wild Rags

Why Wear A Wild Rag?

Silk is the most absorbent of all natural fibers. It naturally wicks away moisture while keeping you dry & is warmer than wool. It gets softer with wear. Silk is the most desired clothing fiber (natural or man made) & has been worn for 4000 years.

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How to tie a 4-Square Buckaroo Wildrag Knot

We used two different colors to make the instructions easier to understand.

A. Wrap one end (black) over your hand twice and hold with your fingers and thumb as shown

B. Pass the other end (red) under the loop closest to it

C. Bring the same end (red) around the back of everything

D. This end (red) comes out from behind

E. Pass this end (red) over the loop closest to it and under the other loop

F. The finished knot shown after being tightened