Shown below are the shapes and sizes of stirrups that we have available. The sizes listed are the width of the tread. They can be made up in a variety of ways as shown. All stirrups are priced by the pair.

Stirrup Measurements

There are several different measurements to consider when buying stirrups. The Tread Width is shown in the top photo. They are available in sizes from 1" to 6". In the center photo, we show the standard inside width of our stirrups. This is typical with most stirrups and by far the most popular. The lower photo shows the inside width of the overshoe stirrup. These were traditionally used when wearing overshoes but they have gained popularity with those riding in Packer boots and with people who have very large feet. Besides being wider, they are also a bit taller. The Overshoe stirrup comes in most tread widths and in most stirrup styles.

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