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Tying a Honda in a Rope

These instructions are for tying a right handed honda. Reverse the procedure for a lefty.

Image A - There must be a rosebud knot or something like it tied to the rope before the honda knot is tied. Start with a few coils of rope between your knees and tie an overhand knot as shown. We like to have a few coils in hand when we tie the honda to help keep it straight. This overhand knot is tied about 18" from the end of the rope.

Image B - Bring the working end of the rope around to the left and tuck it under the top strand only of the overhand knot.

Image C - This is basically another picture of the working end that has been tucked under the top strand of the overhand knot

Image D - We have started to pull the honda down and tighten the knot. We want to make sure that the honda doesn't angle to the left. We try to tie them with a little angle to the right, knowing that they will twist left with use.

Image E - This is the finished honda ready for a burner to be added.

The Matthew Walker Knot

We use this handy knot to tie rawhide or metal hondas on a rope.

Image A - String #1 goes around and up through the loop it formed

Image B - String #2 also goes around and up through the loop that it forms

Image C - String 3# also goes around the back and up through the loop that it forms

Image D - This shows the finished knot after it is pulled tight. It is important that you tighten the knot by pulling one string a little at a time.

How to put a Speed Burner in a Rope

The key to putting on a speed burner is to soften the plastic before hand so that you prevent breakage. This can be done by placing the speed burner in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. We do this here in our shop by putting the burner in a cup of water and putting the cup in a microwave to boil the water.

The next step is to carefully get the burner out of the water, line it up in the center of the honda and squeeze it on with wide jaw pliers as shown in Image A.

Image B shows the finished job, ready to go to work.