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How to tie a reins on a bit

This knot can be used to tie headstalls also.

Image A - To tie this knot you start with a simple overhand knot. We try to keep the top string headed toward the rear of the horse as shown

Image B - The top string goes back under the bottom string making sure that it enters over the first knot as shown by the black arrow

Image C - This image shows the top string going over the first knot

Image D - This is the finished knot. Continue to pull and tighten both end until it is very snug

How to tie a single-piece rein on a bosal

Start by finding the center of the rein and bringing the ends up through the bosal as shown in Image A.

Image B shows what that should look like. You can tighten this down and it may work great with some bosal/rein combinations but on others this knot may slip. In that case, you should take an extra wrap as shown in Image C.

Bring both ends up below the original knot the finished knot should look like Image D before you tighten it down.