Range Teepee

Our Range Teepees are made of heavy 15 oz. cotton canvas. They all have attached floors and are available with several options. Range Teepees are easy to put up and take down and with proper care, will give you years of dependable service. Simply secure each of the four corners with a stake and raise the peak with poles for a windproof, dry, home-away-from-home. Heavy duty stakes are provided with each teepee. We also make metal pipe poles or you can make your own. As with all canvas products, the teepees must be thoroughly dry before storing to prevent mildew damage.

The seams of new tents often leak the first time they are subjected to moisture. It takes several good soakings to shrink needle holes tightly against the thread. We advise that customers set up new tents and soak them several times with a garden hose, allowing the tent to thoroughly dry between soakings.

How to Set-up a Range Teepee

  1. Lay the Teepee out flat with the door unzipped and facing the desired direction.
  2. Tie the small ropes provided into the corner grommets and drive stakes in all four corners as shown in Image #1.
  3. Spread the poles out flat over the Teepee and attach the pole hook to the D-ring at the peak of the Teepee as shown in Image #2.
  4. Walk the poles toward the sides of the Teepee, one side and then the other, until the poles are wedged firmly against the ground and the Teepee is standing tall and the sides are straight.
  5. Shown is a 7' X 7' Teepee. The Range Teepees are fast and easy to set up and take down.

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