Our Custom Chaps or Leggings are handmade, one pair at a time. We offer several styles of chaps; Shotgun, Chink, Batwing, Texas Batwing or Arizona Step-ins. We choose our chap leather based on quality and weight, therefore we are not able to offer a wide selection of colors. We stock earth-tone colors in Tan, Light Brown, Medium Brown, & Dark Brown. The options for weight of the leather are Extra Light, Light, Medium, & Heavy.
Our online order form is on the bottom of this page. If you should need any additional information, please call our toll free order line. We have many pairs of chaps in stock and ready to ship. Please contact us about our stock leggings.


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Measuring for Chaps

A. Outseam - This is the measurement from the top of the yokes to the bottom of the chap B. Inseam - From the crotch to the bottom of the chap C. Upper Thigh - The biggest part of the thigh D. Mid Thigh - The mid-point between the upper thigh and the knee E. Knee - The measurement around the knee F. Waist - The actual distance around the waist where the chaps are worn, not a pant size.

Yoke Options

These are the different styles of yokes that we put on our chaps.
A. The Basket Stamp yoke is our most popular style. B. This is what we call the Carlos Border stamp C. This one is the Plain Skirting yoke.

Pocket Options

These are the different types of pockets that we put on leggins. They can be added to one side or to both. The standard outside pocket with a flap has a snap closure, but it can also be made with a leather button.

Leg Attachments

Our zippers are laced on and solid at the top. This helps the zippers last longer. This is the typical leg attachment for Shotgun style chaps. Snaps and rings are typically used on Batwing and Chink style chaps. They have a quite a bit of adjustment room. Our Step-in style chaps are laced up solid. This option is not as adjustable, but it is long lasting. Buckles and snaps are used mostly on Batwing and Chink style chaps and those that attach only above the knee. It is very adjustable and easy to use.

Wing Overlay

Shown is the wing overlay option that we add to our Batwing style chaps. This can be done with the same color leather as shown, or with contrasting leather.

Putting on Chaps

Here is an easy way to put on chaps without a struggle. The chaps must be connected in the front and have a belt in the back for this to work. The chaps in the photos have zippers that are connected at the top, but this works just as well with Chinks, Step-ins or Batwings.
A. Start with the chaps in front of you just like you would wear them. B. Turn both legs around so that the yokes are touching each other and the front string is by your waist. C. Put one foot through, all the way to the ground and then the other foot. D. Turn both legs around, pull them up and attach the back belt. Some people like to run the back belt through your back pant loop to help keep the chaps up. You should now zip them down.