Notes from the Saddle Bench

Hi Folks!

Hope this note finds everyone in good shape going into the Fall. Most of the ranches in this part of the world are through with their fall works or are just now finishing up. After a sharp cold snap last month that abruptly ended summer, we are having our normal fall weather. Beautiful days and chilly nights.

We have started seeing the elk again finally. They usually disappear for the rut in September as they did this year. But they did not resurface again until a few days ago on us. The deer hunters will be moving in the week of Thanksgiving for a month or more of hunting. The mule deer season is 2 weeks long, but with the management hunts, co-operating ranches can hunt into January sometimes. All of the ranchers I have talked to out here say their mule deer numbers have never recovered from the fires and drought conditions of recent years. The aoudad on the other hand, seem to be doing quite well. People talk about seeing bunches with over 100 head in them. There are several good outfitters booking hunts as do many of the ranches. They are harvesting some really nice rams in the 34″ range.

As I write this note I can hear the non-stop flow of Chili Cooks in their RV’s leaving Terlingua, going past our cattle guard. Guess they had another successful Pachanga down south.

Big Bend Saddlery leaves Tuesday on our way to the World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo. This is the best show we have ever been to. Is is put on and run by a dedicated Board of Directors and a great WRCA Staff. The WRCA is all about the working cowboy, and its Foundation is a great benefit to ranch cowboys and their families who might be in need. If you have never been to the World Championships you should try to make it. You won’t go to a better Ranch Rodeo anywhere and you will meet some of the finest people from all phases of the ranching community.

In addition to the nightly rodeo, there is one of the best Trade Shows you can imagine. A Youth Ranch Horse Show, an RHAA sanctioned Ranch Horse Show, Budweiser Clydesdales, Singers, Cowboy Poets, and specialty acts to boot. If you are interested, there is more information elsewhere in the Big Bend Saddlery Newsletter.

Hope you have a good Fall and Happy Thanksgiving!

Gary Dunshee
November 5, 2018

Hi Folks!

Hope all is well at your place and you have had some rain this past month. Most of the people we have talked to across the state have had good rain. 13″ to 16″ in some places. That will grow some grass! It sure looks good here in West Texas. Lots of ranches are weaning and/or shipping cattle now. With grain prices down, the feedlot boys should do well for now.

The Permian Basin oil fields are rockin’ and rollin’. We are happy for the ranchers who benefit from that, but it sure makes traveling through there a pain in the butt! They are drilling within 25 miles of Alpine as the crow flies. I hope it plays out at the mountains. I would hate to see the Davis Mountains scarred by the oilfield. On the other hand, a wise old rancher once told me “The best thing you can do for a cow is to let her rest in the shade of a pump jack”. Might be some truth to that.

Peter Flores was just elected State Senator of District 19 (from San Antonio to El Paso County). We are sure proud to have him represent us. He is a retired Game Warden and a true Statesman, not a politician. He is the first Republican  senator from this district in 139 years.

We just returned from the Tejas Vaquero Annual Trek on the Felix Fisher Ranch outside of Hunt, Texas. Sure a great bunch of guys who know how to have a good time and celebrate our ranching heritage.

Sul Ross State University had its 73rd annual NIRA Rodeo this past weekend. The Rodeo Program, under the leadership of C.J. Aragon, put on a tremendous Rodeo! The Friday night performance was one of the best (most fun) I can remember. It’s great to see young kids participating in the rodeo programs and putting out some work and effort to put on such a successful Rodeo.

Christmas orders are starting to come in to the Shop. If you know you are going to need something made for Christmas, let us know as soon as you can. We can do a lot of hand made items right up ’til a day or two before Christmas because we make them up ahead of time and can add personalization at the last minute. But not everything will be available at the last minute, so the sooner the better!

If you want to see this part of the world with its Sunday clothes on, this next month is the time to do it! Nice days and chilly nights. The buzzards will be headed back to Mexico in a couple of weeks, guess I better go to.

Take care and God Bless,
Gary Dunshee
September 30, 2018

Hi Folks!

Just a line to let you know what’s going on in the Big Bend Region of Far West Texas. We have had good rains for the most part, but there are a few places that can’t seem to buy a rain. Some folks are lush and others have had to move cows off because it is so dry. It was unseasonably hot the first part of the summer but is more normal now with highs in the upper 80’s and cool nights.

The Walker Ranch we (the Dunshees and Baldwins) have leased for the last 35 years has sold to Will & Jenny Wood. We are proud to have them and their family back in this area. They are really fine folks.

Big changes at the Animal Science Department of Sul Ross State University. Bonnie Warnock is the new Dean. She has rolled up her sleeves and is making some needed changes.

C.J. Aragon was hired as the new Rodeo Coach at Sul Ross. He and his wife Tiffany and daughter Lauren come here via Mesa Lands College in New Mexico and Odessa College in Texas. He has had multiple champions at both places and was named the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association “Coach of the Year” in 2010. We are thankful they chose Alpine as a place to build a rodeo program and to raise a family.

Let us know what you would like to hear about from this part of the world and we’ll try to include it in our next note. In the meantime, pray for rain for everyone.

Gary Dunshee
August 29, 2018