Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Manufacturing has been making cast iron cookware for over
100 years. Food just seems to taste better when cooked
in cast iron. Like all cast iron cookware, these products must
be seasoned before use, and will get darker and more
seasoned with each use. Care and seasoning instructions are included
with each piece. All Dutch ovens have legs and a flanged lid.

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A. 12" Dutch Oven
12" Diameter- 3 3/4" Deep- 6 Qt.

B. 14" Dutch Oven
14" Diameter- 3 3/4" Deep- 8 Qt.

C. 16" Dutch Oven
16" Diameter- 4 1/4'' Deep- 12 Qt.

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A. Deep 12" Dutch Oven
12" Diameter- 5" Deep- 8 Qt.

B. Deep 14" Dutch Oven
14" Diameter- 5" Deep- 10 Qt.

C. 16" Dutch Oven
16'' Diameter- 4 1/4'' Deep- 12 Qt.

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Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

A. 8" Dutch Oven - 2 Quart Capacity
B. 10" Dutch Oven - 4 Quart Capacity
C. Stir-fry Wok - 12 3/4" Diameter

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17" Skillet
Double handled flat bottom skillet.

Available in 15" or 12" diameter

Hot Handle Mitt
Sold in packages of two, one red and one black.

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Campfire Tripod

Built to hang dutch ovens, cook pots, or even coffee pots
over the fire. Heavy duty 1/2" bar stock construction
with an adjustable chain for various cooking heights. We have
two sizes available. The one with 43 1/2" legs is shown,
but we also have a taller tripod that has 60" legs.
Dutch oven sold separately.

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Dutch Oven Lid Stand
This is used to set a Dutch Oven Lid
on to keep it off the ground. It is very
handy when, while cooking, the lid is full of coals
you need it stir, season, or add ingrediants.
4 1/2" radius, sets 1 1/2" off the ground and is made from 5/16" stock.
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