Western Horseman Books

Rodeo Legends
Volume 2

A collection of stories about 20 of rodeo's legends. Includes Guy Allen,
Allen Bach, Freckles Brown, Roy Duvall, Billy Etbauer, Lewis Field, Lane Frost,
Monty Henson, Martha Josey, Phil Lyne, Toots Mansfield, Harley May, Don McLaughlin,
Adriano Moraes, Dan Mortensen, Kristie Peterson,
Jim Sharp, Bill Smith, Speed Williams and Rich Skelton


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Ranch-Horse Versatility
A Winner's Guide to Successful Rides
by Mike Major
with Fran Devereux Smth

Maybe you compete in versatility ranch-horse events or you simply want a handy,
responsive horse no matter what your day's ride might bring, this book will
be your go-to guide. Mike Major is uniquely qualified to
provide the information to take your horse program to the next level.

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Cow-Horse Confidence
by Martin Black
with Cynthia McFarland

Martin Black brings not only his horsemanship skills, but also his perceptive
sense of stockmanship to this book. His understanding of the horse's
mind and knowledge of how to achive confident performance with minimum stress
are seldom matched. Likewise, the depth of Black's savvy is such that
he can teach a cow,or a herd of cattle to load
in a trailer in open country. This paperback book contains 190 pages
loaded with instructional photographs.

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Understanding Lameness

by Terry Swanson, DVM
With Heidi Nyland

In this book, Dr. Swanson of Littleton Equine Medical Center guides you
through the degrees of lameness and the effects of injury on your horse's
future health and serviceability. Swansons commom-sense information is your best asset
in keeping your horse sound , as well as for coping with a lameness diagnosis.

With over 200 pages of informative text and huge, clear photos,
this book wil quickly become your best lameness reference.

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by Al Dunning
Trainer Al Dunning's method of making a finished reining horse.

Barrel Racing
by Sharon Camarillo
Sharon tells what it takes to make a barrel horse, how to keep him working, and what it takes to win.

Team Roping
by Fran Devereux Smith
World Champions Jake Barnes and Clay O' Brien Cooper on how to pratice and compete.

Calf Roping
by Roy Cooper
Roy Cooper shows you how to make winning runs with riding, roping, flanking, and tying.

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Western Training
by Jack Brainard
A guide to successful training based on understanding and communication.

Natural Horse-Man-Ship
by Pat Parelli
Pat teaches the six keys to a natural horse-human relationship.

Starting Colts
by Mike Kevil
Lots of clear photographs and well-written text make this a very useful aid to the horseman.

Problem Solving
by Marty Marten
Marty shows you how to make a partnership from the groundwork, riding formation, trailer loading, hard to catch, barn-sour horses, spooking, crossing water and bridges, herd-bound and horses that pull back when tied.

by Don Baskins
Horse-handling, trimming, shoeing, forge work, and more are described with clear photos and text.

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Imprint Training
by Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.
A swift, effective method for permanently shaping a horse's lifetime behavior.

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First Horse
by Fran Devereux Smith
Takes the first time horse owner from finding a horse and saddle that fits, through establishing a relationship, and on to solving problems.
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by Diane C. Simmons
Stallions and a few mares that have played key roles in the Quarter Horse breed, including Three Bars, Joe Hancock, King P-234, and Poco Bueno.

Legends II
Stallions and mares who have shaped the Quater Horse Industry including, Easy Jet, Skipper W, and Driftwood.

Legends III
Steel Dust, Two Eyed Jack, Poco Lena, and Jackstraw are but a few of the horses featured in this edition.

Legends IV
This edition features Zan Parr Bar, Rebel Cause, Dash For Cash, Impressive, Doc O'Lena and others.

Legends V
Legends 5 features Little Joe, Joe Moore, Monita, Bill Cody and many others.

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Rodeo Legends
by Gavin Ehringer
Features stories of great rodeo stars including, Joe Beaver, Roy Cooper, Bruce Ford, Tuff Hedeman, Charmayne James and many others.

A Bit of Information
by Fran Devereux Smith
Greg Darnall, both a horseman and bit maker, discusses bits and bitting.

by John & Cindy Weaver with Kathy Kadash
Shows how to make your horse look better by clipping, bathing, mane care, tail care and show preparation.

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