Ribeyes & Cowtales
by Jerry Baird

A great collection of tried and true recipes and by this
World Champion chuckwagon cook. Included along with these proven recpies
are great stories about Baird's life around a campfire.
This book it topped off with awesome photographs by
Michael Shaw. Hardback.

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The Big Texas Steak House Cookbook
by Helen Thompson and Janice Shay

From rib-eyes to T-bones to beef brisket and chili, this cookbook
compiles the best dishes from the best steakhouses in Texas.
Delectable photographs accompany the recipes along with information on
rubs and pointers on grilling verses pan-frying. It is also a great
travel guide to legendary steakhouses of Texas.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks
by Ree Drummond

This book is a homespun collection of photography, rural stories and scrumptious
recipes that have defined the experience of this once L.A. vegetarian
who fell in love with a rural living rancher.
Great photographs and tales from this "accidental ranch wife".

The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Food From My Frontier
by Ree Drummond

The second cookbook by the Pioneer Woman, the recipes in this book
have detailed step-by-step photographs and one other important quality in common:
They are guaranteed to make your kids, sweetheart, dinner guests, in-laws,
friends, cousins or resident cowboy smile, sigh and beg for seconds.

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Cooking the Cowboy Way
Recipes Inspired by Campfires, Chuck Wagons and Ranch Kitchens

by Grady Spears
with June Naylor

A journey around the country to amazing places full of food, history and people who have an apprectation for the land. Each chapter focuses on a different location, including the Wildcatter Cattle Ranch in Graham, Texas; the Bellamy Brothers Ranch in Darby, Florida; the Homeplace Ranch in Alberta, Canada; Rancho de la Osa in Tuscon, Arizona; and more. Hardback .

Barbecue, Biscuits and Beans
Bill Cauble & Cliff Teinert

Over 190 pages of chuckwagon secrets, tips and the history behind chuckwagon cooking. 180 recipes from simple to elegant, 265 striking photographs that capture the cowboy likestyle and advice on wood selection and grilling methods. Hardback and Paperback

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Legendary Texas Cusine
by Mike Micallef

A collection of recipes from the famous Reata restaurants of Alpine and Fort Worth. The Reata menus combine traditional Texas fare with fresh culinary trends. The most popular dishes are shown along with top-class photography and cooking tips. Hardback.

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Texas Cowboy Cooking
by Tom Perini
This cookbook bridges the gap between life on the trail and in the backyard. From Jalepeno Bites to Ranch-Roasted Ribeye to Tom's classic Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, Texas Cowboy Cooking is full of recipes for everything from a light lunch to a holiday feast.

Cooking With Texas Highways
Edited by Nola McKey
Cooking with Texas Highways samples all the major ethnic cuisines of the state with recipes from home cooks, well-known chefs, and popular restaurants. It offers a varied and intriguing selection of snacks and beverages, breads, soups and salads, main dishes, vegetables and sides, sauces and spreads, desserts and more.

Texas On The Plate
By Terry Thompson-Anderson
In Texas on a Plate, executive chef and cookbook author Terry Thompson-Anderson demonstrates her flair for combining unusual flavors and diverse ethnic cooking styles to create exciting examples of the new Texas Cusine. Among more the more than 150 recipes are upscale interpretations of traditional favorites like chili and barbecued brisket as well as adventourous dishes such as Grilled Portbello Pizzas, Shark Steaks Grilled in Hoja Santa with Sun-Dried Tomato and Walnut Pesto, Texas Chicken-Fried Rib-Eye with Tabasco Cream Gravy, Quinoa with Lentils and Curry, and Texas Trifle with Raspberries and Custard Cream. In addition to professional cooking tips, the book includes wine lists and tasting notes that highlight many of the state's award-winning wines.

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The Complete Sourdough Cookbook
by Don and Myrtle Holm
Authentic and original sourdough recipes from the Old West. Paperback.

Sowbelly and Sourdough
Original recipes from the trail drives and cow camps fo the 1800's.

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Chuckwagon Recipes
by Sue Cunningham & Jean Cates
Written by the daughters of the late Dick Shepherd. Recipes from consistent winners at chuckwagon cooking competions.

More Chuckwagon Recipes
by Sue Cunningham and Jean Cates
More recpies from these award winning Chuckwagon cooks

A Taste of Texas Ranching
by Tom Bryant & Joel Bernstein
Stories of 30 Texas ranches and their favorite recipes.

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Cowboy Cookbook
Prepared by the Society for Range Management, contains 450 recipes from 24 states and 8 countries.

The All American Cowboy Cookbook
By Ken Beck and Jim Clark
The All American Cowboy Cookbook is filled to the brim with favorite recipes from the country's most famous western stars- from Silver Screen and television to rodeo heroes and cooks on real working ranches, as well as recipes from some of thebest cowboy balladeers over to lasso a microphone.

The Texas Cowboy Cookbook
By: Robb Walsh
Bring the spirit of the Wild West to your home kitchen with this easy-to-follow guide to hearty cowboy cooking. Robb Walsh author of the Tex-Mex Cookbook, has dug deep into the food history of Texas to find authentic dishes from Mexican, African American, Cajun, and Anglo-Southern cowboy cooks.

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The Great Steak Book
by Grady Spears
Grady shares his secrets of what to do when marinating, what cuts are the best, and how to cook them.

Cowboy Cocktails
by Grady Spears and Brigit L. Binns
Boot Scootin' Beverages and Tasty Vittles from the Wild West.

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Cast Iron Cooking
by Chef John Folse
A historical collection from America's culinary regions.

Recipes of a Pitchfork Ranch Hostess
Edited by Cathryn A. Buesseler and L.E. Anderson
A culinary legacy of Mamie Burns. This book will give you a taste of her special dishes, as well as a glimpse of West Texas Ranch life as it was lived by Mamie and D Burns.

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Come an' Get It
by Ramon F. Adams
The story of a salty cowboy range cook that follows the evolution of the chuckwagon and its relation to the cattle industry.
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